Take a “Selfie” of your Sales Execution!

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Have you taken a “Selfie” (a close look) at your process for winning in opportunities, accounts and territories lately?

If not, you are leaving money on the table…

  • Opportunities that you are not aware of
  • Stalled deals that you could move forward
  • Accounts you can penetrate deeper to generate new business
  • Relationships you could leverage more effectively
  • Partners that could help you accelerate your results

What do you need to do?

Review how you manage your opportunities, strategic relationships, accounts and territories.

  • Do you have a method for identifying your top opportunities to pursue?
  • Do you have a process for assigning the right resources to each of the high-priority opportunities?
  • Do you identify, assign and pursue target accounts effectively?
  • Does your sales team do a good job of coordinating with internal resources and partners?
  • How effectively do you identify, assign and pursue target accounts?
  • How well does your sales team coordinate efforts with internal and partner resources?
  • Do you create plans that enable you to win and penetrate strategic accounts?
  • Do you have plans for increasing market share in each territory and target vertical market?
  • Does your sales team review these plans regularly and act on their strategies?
  • Are the plans and information readily available (i.e. in a CRM) to enable effective follow up?
  • Does the management team use the tools and processes to manage activity to produce results?
  • Is sales management using the execution of the plans as an opportunity for coaching?
  • Are you using the plans as a source of best practices that raise the entire team’s effectiveness?
  • Does everyone have the level of visibility they need to ensure success?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it is time for a sales planning and execution face lift!

Give us a call. The Doctor is in.

Download pdf of this article: Take a Selfie of your Sales Execution!

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