Create a self-assessment of your team’s account management skills and receive recommendations to take it to the next level.


The benefits of knowing where you stand include:

  • Identifying aspects of the way you approach accounts that need to be improved.
  • Teaching your team what information must be captured and tracked to maximize return from key accounts.
  • Clarifying how your team can improve account strategy and execution.
  • Being able to identify big opportunities and apply the appropriate resources.
  • Identifying accounts and opportunities that are at risk and acting before it’s too late.

The Strategic Account Scorecard is an important and actionable tool for any sales organization that wants to ensure their key account development and strategies are consistent with best practices.  It was developed based on readers’ response to the popular sales management book; Plan to Win (Tweet): Strategic Territory and Account Planning by Ron Snyder and Eric Doner – and feedback from customers evaluating sales process improvement and Plan2Win software apps for salesforce.com.

Most sales organizations can benefit by carefully evaluating their key account strategies and sales enablement resources to ensure they are getting maximum return on their sales efforts. The Strategic Account Scorecard measures and graphically displays the effectiveness of your organization compared to Best Practices in six critical categories:

  1. Market Focus
  2. Target Accounts
  3. Account Strategy
  4. Account Planning
  5. Sales Execution
  6. Customer Perspective

You can score a maximum of 20 points in each category.  The scorecard includes your overall score, total scores for each category and a brief analysis.  The assessment worksheet is used by sales leaders to identify and prioritize Action Items to improve account strategies. The assessment is intuitive, user-friendly and requires only a few minutes to complete.

The Strategic Account Scorecard has three options:

  • Free online version provides category and overall scores and brief analysis.
  • Consultative version includes an analysis of your scores, recommendations for each category plus a teleconference to review scores, provide guidance and discuss how to move forward ($150 per scorecard).
  • Customized Enterprise and Team versions available with value pricing for multiple reports.

For more information on completing the Strategic Account Scorecard and how to more effectively deploy key account management strategies, contact us:

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