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We have synthesized industry data into easy to read, free white papers that share best practices in account and territory management to help you improve your team’s sales effectiveness.

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A Manager’s Guide to Account Planning

This guide is designed to help managers implement a key account planning process. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • When is an account plan needed?
  • Who should develop the account plan?
  • How to organize critical resources.
  • What to include in an account plan.
  • Seven Primary Account Strategies
  • A checklist for Quarterly Account Planning

Managing Key Accounts to Maximize Sales Results

This paper provides a comprehensive guide to adding business acumen, strategy and plan implementation to your selling process. Learn how to:

  • Gain a high level understanding of your sales situation
  • Build-out a sales strategy
  • Expand the strategy and prevent reaction disasters
  • Separate the good guys from the bad guys inside of an account
  • Lay-out the steps to an effective sales effort
  • Create a 90 day action plan for sales success

Managing Territories to Maximize Sales Results

Sales territories need to be planned. This paper lays-out sales territory planning to enable your people to get the most out of the potential in their territories. Gain insight into how to:

  • Conduct basic territory assessments
  • Establish tactics meaningful to each territory
  • Create target lists
  • Recruit important partners
  • Build ladders of trust that create lifetime customer relationships