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Plan 2 Win Pricing

Affordable Sales Planning Apps for Salesforce

Most sales managers/executives we talk to are looking for:

  • Strategic planning tools built into Salesforce.
  • Apps that are easy to use and learn so they can get up to speed and reap the benefits quickly.
  • Tools that support their sales approach- vs. having to use the vendor’s sales methodology.
  • Visibility so they can respond quickly and provide guidance.
  • Apps that meet their needs out of the box yet can be customized.
  • A solution that is cost-effective in dollars and training time.

This is what our apps are designed to provide. Each app is only $15 per license per month. This is a small price to pay to improve the probability that your people achieve their goals.

PLAN2WIN APPS ARE DESIGNED TO WORK WITHIN THE SALESFORCE.COM ENVIRONMENT. ALL LICENSED USERS OF OUR APPS MUST HAVE A SALESFORCE.COM LICENSE. Our apps are designed to work in organizations that use Salesforce editions Professional and above.

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