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Helping you improve account planning process effectiveness.

Plan 2 Win was launched by sales leaders who noticed a great need for better sales planning process tools. Our objective is to:

  • Deliver sales planning tools that are straightforward and effective
  • Respond to the changing needs of the dynamic world of B2B sales
  • Make it easy for sales leaders and sales people to see what is going on
  • Support sales teams in using sales planning best practices

Ron Snyder / President

As President of Plan 2 Win, Ron has led the effort to continually improve Plan 2 Win products to meet the dynamic challenges of the world of sales; adding capability and maintaining high quality. As a consultant in Silicon Valley for over 20 years, Ron has helped many companies improve their sales effectiveness and results, including HP, Siemens, Philips, Alliance Imaging, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, Adobe and other, rapidly-growing companies. As a consultant, he noticed that there was a great need for better key account and territory management and was excited to take over as President of Plan 2 Win Software in 2011. Prior to consulting, Ron worked at Hewlett-Packard, where he was consistently recognized as a top performer in sales, marketing and management roles related to computer, software and medical solutions.

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Nilesh Shroff / Product Architecture and Development

Nilesh is responsible for Plan 2 Win product architecture and development. He has more than 20 years of software development experience in product definition, architecture and implementation with an emphasis on enterprise software. He has extensive experience developing new products and bringing them to market. In the last 6 years he has been working with product development teams of various startups, helping them with software design and implementation. Nilesh has earned a Master of Science in Information & Computer Science, and a Master of Science in Structural Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia.

Nilesh Shroff


Reuven Shelef / Technical Support

Reuven is a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner and has been working with Salesforce since their early stages. He has over two decades of experience in the high-tech, military and other industries. He has directed and consulted for management teams; helping them to create more effective business processes and systems in various types of companies – from startups to large multi-national corporations. Prior to founding and running a Salesforce consulting service, Reuven was with a series of high-growth companies that were acquired and merged into large corporations – including 3Com, Infineon and Atrica (now Nokia Networks), where he served in a variety of senior roles in technical, operational, marketing and customer service. He also founded and managed Integral Axis, an innovative global outsourcing company.

Reuven Shelef


John Reighard / Strategic Direction

John Reighard has worked for large organizations like Exodus Communications, Lucent Technologies and Octel Communications and with many smaller companies as a consultant. He has international experience leading corporate sales teams in the USA, EMEA and Asia Pacific. He has also served as an Advisory Board member for ten businesses. These experiences give him a unique background to understand the needs of many businesses and help address those needs. At Plan 2 Win, John is instrumental in shaping our strategic direction and advising on best practices for the use of our apps.

John Reighard


David Steinore / Marketing

David provides design and usability advice for Plan 2 Win applications and website and guidance on measuring marketing effectiveness. He has over 20 years of experience as a data architect and manager for business reporting and analytic systems. David has designed and built numerous data management systems in startups and large companies. He focuses on understanding the metrics and analytics the company needs and how to best gather and organize the data into an effective data warehouse and visualizations. He has worked in E-Commerce, Financial, Email Marketing and Insurance Industries.

David Steinore


Steve Harper / Founder

Early in his sales career, Steve took over a territory with a large installed base that was leaving to the competition at a very high rate. He learned that having a key account plan and a territory plan was critical to success. He saved several key accounts and grew the territory by 130%. Starting in 1994, Steve worked at some of the pioneers of the Internet, such as BBN and Exodus Communications. He then started a consulting practice. This is where he developed a compete methodology around strategic account planning and territory planning. He noticed that, in the 1990’s and beyond, sales training and sales skills have to be taught after sales reps have already entered the territory. Account planning and account strategy were key concepts that Steve was asked to teach time and again. He decided to write an application to automate the process. Plan 2 Win Software was born, and today provides tools that enable sales people to create and execute effective key account plans and territory plans in Salesforce.

Steve Harper