Here’s what people say

“Plan2Win apps are great, simple to use and live in Salesforce.com. They help us create living,
breathing plans.”

– Brendan Evers, Senior VP of Sales, Beyond Trust

“It’s the kind of tool you need to run your business.”

– Steve Daniel, Chief Sales Officer, Solar FlexRack

“These apps transform Salesforce from a data repository into a strategic selling tool.”

– Joan Washburn, CEO, sales consultancy, former VP of Sales at Siemens Healthcare, PETNET, CTI

“It makes Salesforce a usable tool for salespeople… to build and manage their plan.”

– Ed Bronder, Director of Business Development, Alliance Imaging

“Over each of the last 3 years we have achieved double-digit sales growth.”

– Dave Thomas, Director of Sales of American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty
Underwriters and the Insurance

“It’s a wonderful tool. It expands our territory planning. We are getting the value we hoped and the payback is

– Bruce Skoletsky, VP of Sales Leadership, Kognito

“Simple, easy territory planning tool. Excellent tool to get Territory Account Managers quickly
focused to identify key opportunities and ensure they are building strong buying relationships with strategic
clients. Installation friendly; deployed globally with no issues.”

– Anne Rawls, Business Application Manager, Avaya

“Great set of features and leveraging existing SF relationships. Very helpful for both
strategic and opportunity planning – helping convert to wins. They were especially helpful and responsive – great

– Thomas Krohn, Chief Development Officer, Trial Reach

“Great way to integrate written plans into SalesForce.com. Nicely priced app that takes all of
the written ‘side notes’ we kept on accounts and puts them into an organized fashion. Fast and easy to setup.”

– Michael Healey, President and CTO, Yeoman Technology Group

“We love the application and are taking full advantage of it. It makes mine and my manager’s
life a whole lot easier.”

– Cat Fizzell, Strategic Account Manager, Innography

Territory Management: A Leadership


“These apps have truly added value to our organization.”

– Trey Smith, President of Galtway Industries

“The app helps my team organize our thoughts. We have an account plan for each account that is
large enough. It helps us get all the people in place, identify what products to offer, coordinate with internal
team members and talk through strategies.”

– Gene Carl, Manager, Cox Business

“This is simple elegance.”

– Marc Friedman, Vice President of ESIS, a global insurance company

“Our sales team was seeking a better way to build strategic account plans. We needed a sales
planning template and one place that everyone could access it. Account Plan Pro was selected because of the quick
ramp up time and minimal training. Account Plan Pro has improved our sales results through better planning and use
of stakeholders in executing these plans.”

– Derek Forcher, Sales Manager, Symphony Teleca

“Plan 2 Win Software has helped simplify the territory planning process for my team saving the
time and effort it takes to consistently manage and update their sales plans. It is helping the team better execute
against their sales targets. The application was simple to install, took less than an hour to learn to use, and
provided immediate impact in helping our team better plan. Having the plan truly integrated into sf.com provides the
constant reminder that planning is essential to any seller’s success.”

– Jeff Heine, Vice President of Sales, Outstart

“We purchased Account Plan Pro to work side by side with Territory Plan Pro. By taking our ‘A’
Accounts and enforcing rules of Account Management at our most important clients with a solid business plan we
expect to increase our sales per account by 30-50%. For those about to embark on account planning, this product asks
all the right questions and forces Sales to really understand their markets, clients and industry players. The
product does all it’s supposed to do and most importantly, the company is there to help you succeed. Great Price as
well. You can’t go wrong with this product.”

– Bill Morgan, Vice President of Sales, Credo Technology Solutions

“Whether you are a Salesperson or a Sales Manager, Plan2Win Software provides a comprehensive
set of tools to build and execute territory and strategic account plans and track progress on opportunities in a
structured, systematic way with an intuitive UI that dovetails seamlessly with the Salesforce platform.”

– Frank Tolve, CEO, Gravitocity

“Your tools are an essential part of a successful sales team these days and truly the
difference between good and great.”

– Marc Savas, CEO of Living Full Blast

“Account Plan Pro allows us to maintain focus on key account expansion initiatives and provides
visibility within our organization to the activities being conducted to support these initiatives. Being fully
integrated with Salesforce eliminates duplication and provides for greater efficiency among our user group.”

– Lance Gangemi, Assistant Vice President of ESIS, a global insurance company